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Backyard #003: Compilation by Zombies In Miami is out now !


Playground Records celebrates 5 years as a label, 8 since we started our parties. We have grown up with a lot of friends and artists. A journey full of learning, unforgettable days and nights of music and hugs, kisses, loves and eternal dances. We have always been characterized by trying to be an oasis where we can refresh human relationships with music that cannot be heard anywhere. Since we decided to edit our own musical line, a constant concept has always been preserved where we gave rise to a whole international stream of underground artists to provide us with their most committed compositions.

To give perspective, recall and value these 5 years of musical diffusion, we decided to do a review by special guests, artists we love and respect as references within our scene. For this third compilation we have the pleasure to have Zombies in Miami making a selection from our back catalogue through their own personal taste.

We invite you to visit this very special selection that our Mexican friends made out of finding tasty tracks and hidden gems. Emotionally abrasive music that with guts and audacity opens your heart and spreads the irresistibly dance virus through your blood.



* From March 30th available in all digital stores

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Backyard #003
Compilation by: Zombies In Miami
Label: Playground Records
Art: Lucas Del Toro
Mastering: Rich Lane from Cotton Bud
Catalogue: PBY003
Release date: 16/03/2021