Juan Harrison is a Mexican producer best known by his production moniker ‘Tkuz’. He began his musical career as a drummer in a band formed with group of friends, an experience that helped him acquire a good knowledge of electronic music and synthesizers.

Juan lists his influences: Paul Parker, Kano, Divine and more current artists like Aphex Twin, Ural 13 Diktators and David Carreta. These influences have done much to develop the trademark Tkuz sound. His production teeth were cut on softer, melodic edits, including his your first track ‘Specialist’ for Black Leather Records, a track that put him in the crosshairs of many artists. The Scrap Mag magazine even chose to use Specialist in its first compilation.

A year on from Specialist saw Tkuz receiving more recognition in the form of remixes for the likes of Adriano Canzian, Equitant and Nicolas Estany and Mexican. Fascinated by the Korg MS-20 and the sound of the TR 707 he also edits Morgan Hammer’s ‘In the Box’.

Tkuz has continually shaped his own sound, and it’s a sound stamped firmly with ‘made in Mexico’, much like his compatriots, Zombies Miami.

Tkuz has built on his early success with cuts like ‘The Captive’ and the much-lauded ‘Space Love’, which was supported by artists such as Matt Walsh and the aforementioned Morgan Hammer.

Also noteworthy is ‘Let’s dance with the devil’ which was aired in a compilation for Clouded Vision, and the Tkuz collaboration with Spanish artist Myriam Love of Beatlove for the label La Dame Noir. With ‘Night Heat’ Tkuz also manages to attract the attention of The Hacker and this track is listed in one of the monthly charts of the French artist.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TkuzJuanHarrison/
SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/tkuz