‘In A Certain Ratio’ is the moniker for the DJ and musical selector project founded in Spain by Vicente Garcia and Esther C.
(Owners and managers of Dogs & Vultures Records and focused on his own productions as well).

This project was mainly conceived in order to share and explore the limits from all those musical genres in where he has been diving since his childhood. French Cold Wave, all periods from Punk to Post Punk, Industrial, Electronic Music (from both current scene and back in the day’s productions), Giallo genre and John Carpenter’s or Claudio Simonetti’s soundtracks amongst its most remarkable influences.
His target and dedication is mainly focused on gathering elaborately the maximum of disparate musical forms to compile them and shaping them into “music stories” to create atmospheres which slowly drive us into a trip through our memories, joys or special moments from our life, unleashing thus a joy reaction in both the followers and himself.

Most notably known by his not convectional and eclectic approach and having influences from around the world, he enjoys developing the selection and mixing his sets having organic and electronic aesthetically touches in equal parts.

This particular way of working has brought him the opportunity of playing in several clubs from Madrid like:
Evaristo Club, Moroder Sound Club, The Roof (Me Madrid Hotel), Studio 76, the legendary after session “Breakfast” at Fomento Street 16 or Taboo venue in the charismatic Malasaña district.

Beside this, he has play and work alongside with scene prominent dj’s and producers as:
Teniente Castillo, Simon Garcia, Future Bones, Alvaro Cabana, Uj Pa Gaz, Freudenthal, Kike am Radar, Ands Mega, Teniente Castillo, ID!R, La Decadanse or Amevicious among others.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/inacertainratio/
SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/inacertainratio