Mytron & Ofofo

London/Paris based duo with broad-spectrum appeal. Mid-tempo, pop-inflected disco for open minds, with tracks as catchy as they are groovy, incorporating influences from all over the world, 100% organic, best quality, happiness guaranteed!

Mytron & Ofofo are Jacek Janiszewski and Sasa Crnobrnja. The originally London based duo combine vintage gear with modern production tools and create an eclectic fusion which draws from world music, electro and disco.
On their EPs ( Multi Culti, Bordello A Parigi, Razor n Tape, Les Yeux Orange) and DJ sets Mytron & Ofofo connect the dots between disco-funk, world music infused grooves and spacey electro, creating a fresh eclectic fusion.

FACEBOOK: https://bit.ly/33mEV87
SOUNDCLOUD: https://bit.ly/2orBtub