Aurum Miles

Aurum Miles aka. Aurimas Milesinas is producer/songwriter/dj from Lithuania, based in Vilnius.

Born in late ’80s with a Queen “A Kind of Magic” vinyl in the hands. Whole childhood he was inspired by clasic rock and shoegazing brit music. Later discovered world of electronic sounds by touching JUNO-6 for the first time, what made a substantial effect in his future life. After a lot of years of practising playing guitar, keyboards, drums and everything what make sounds, Aurum Miles finally started producing some kind of weird electronic music combining rock, psicholedic and electronic sounds.

Never settle to one style, always experimenting with compositions of different type of sounds – his production comes from pink to dark..from vanilla to chocolate…or…whatever. In short – you never know what to expect from Aurum Miles.

In 2015 Aurum Miles was a member of temporary project BlowEnder. He influensed the bright and groovie side of BlowEnder style. Sadly but this project was “chilled and shuted down” after first EP.

Despite this fact, Aurum Miles is continuing producing electronic music and searching for new fresh sounds. You won’t see Aurum Miles playing in the disco very often. But if you get lucky to witness that…just…please…”don’t burn your house on Sunday morning”.

FACEBOOK: https://bit.ly/35Bxjkt
SOUNDCLOUD: https://bit.ly/3b92ncy