Sinchi Collective

SINCHI is an Amsterdam based collective who also operate the @phantasm-records vinyl label

Via the www.sinchi-collective.com site and soundcloud they feature regular track premieres from some of their favorite labels / artists. Plus they host the ‘Sinchi & Friends’ mix series.

In the last couple of years they’ve had their own successful releases on NightNoise and Emerald & Doreen featuring remixes from the likes of Moscoman, Heretic, Rigopolar, Freudenthal and Gemini Brothers to name just a few .

In 2018, they also launched Phantasm Records, a vinyl label in collaboration with NightNoise.

Sinchi Collective also operate a non-profit which focuses on the preservation of indigenous culture & knowledge (www.sinchi-tribe.com) – They’re many interesting initiatives to watch out for… Musically speaking, they’re working on a vinyl project with Aboriginal communities in Australia. In which they are recording traditional tribal song lines and creating modern interpretations through a collaboration with a number of well known music producers in the US and Europe.


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/sinchitaqui
SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/sinchicollective