Ali Riza Firat

Ali Riza Firat was born in 1981 and spent most of his life in Istanbul. Meeting techno music in year 2005 in Romania, Ali found his life goal. After moving to Vienna, in 2018, he made a step to become a DJ. He started his music career by playing in well known Vienniese undeground clubs like Fluc, Celeste and Elektro Gönner and Austrian electronic music station FM4 (Swound Sound). Ali now continues as a DJ in Journey to Tarab and Kultur for President collectives and he is the curator of We Tape and editor in NOH Radio Istanbul.

Influenced by Istanbul’s musical diversity, it tends to blend cosmic sounds with techno. His style cannot be defined as a single musical style due to the many musical journeys it involves.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://is.gd/7aW94n