Julian “Chichi” Fleker a.k.a Ricardo Ruben emerges from the percussive arts and modern rock, he has participated as drummer and worked in electronic production in bands like El Tentador, Mo Bua and Temenos.

Today Ricardo Ruben proposed in his tracks a synthesis between the experimental and intensity of rock orchestrated with virtual and analog instruments like Drum Synth Pulser (better known as SpaceDrum) an instrument that today defines the sound of their productions. These articulations and sounds are displayed on concepts and structures of Techno, House, Progressive and Tech-House, which Ricardo defined as Techno-Twist.

His shows usually are in Live format or Dj Set + SpaceDrumming

He is currently finishing his new show “Chacarera Friendly” in which he only plays own songs.

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/ricardo-ruben
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ricardorubenmusic/