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Artist: Marzian
Album: Bien Turro
Remixes: Thomass Jackson, Montessori, Kunde
Label: Playground Records
Art: Victoria Zaffari
Mastering: Javier Ferreira
Catalogue: PGR010
Release date: 12/06/2017

The 10th delivery of Playground Records comes from the hands of Marzian, a new producer from Buenos Aires who joins our favorite artists.

The first track, Bien Turro, gives its name to the EP and starts with scratchy and sharp guitars, with mysterious sounds that move steadily sliding like a serpent in the desert. A macabre arpeggio makes it acidly devilish and puts us in a hypnotic environment, like voodoo spell. A Pagan laboratory of electronic witchcraft.

The second track is Divergente, with more space fulness and ethereal vibes, it develops in a relaxed flight, like gliding over a landscape examining with eagle eyes the geography of an unknown territory. The resonance of drops and bells take us between melodies that modulate gently, to dance smoothly enjoying the slow movements.

The first remix of Bien Turro by Thomass Jackson takes the hypnotic atmosphere and with a sharp arpeggio gives it light and transforms it into a positive spell dance. Highlighting the guitars of the original adds a Mexican western climate and the boots dance to the voodoo spell in the Sonoran desert.

Montessori makes another powerful remix, where he rescues the original tones and gives it seriousness and force. With strong industrial sounds, it moves the atmosphere of mystery to the city, now we are driving a black Mustang through the night streets of a city where danger lives in every corner.

The Divergente remix by Kunde changes the substance completely of the track with a severe modulation of detuned superimposed oscillators that are opening and rising of energy until its about to explode, but it unexpectedly transforms rescuing the mantra sounds of the original version and closing with a sequence that deforms by twisting and wandering in altered notes until the end.

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