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OUT NOW ! PGR012 ::: Kunde & Martin Noise – El Tigre

Artist: Kunde & Martin Noise
Album: El Tigre
Remixes: Iñigo VontierVitor MunhozRoman & CastroTkuzNahuelMarzian
Label: Playground Records
Art: Victoria Zaffari
Mastering: Javier Ferreira
Catalogue: PGR012
Release date: 08/08/2017

El Tigre is a murderer with guilt. He tells us his thoughts while he operates. Submerged in a turbid and vicious atmosphere analyses his actions with remorse and pleasure at the same time. A monstrous character in a witchy and tenebrous climate, a creepy story happening in an unthought night.

Kunde & Martin Noise release their first track on Playground Records with a crossing point between rock and electronic music. In the search of narrative lyrics in Spanish they use the song format. Integrally composed with hardware, chasing a sound that fluctuates between techno roughness and the played pulse of a band, influences of new wave, synth pop and dark disco stand out, wrapped up in an suspense halo of policial film noir.

The remixes come from a Latin American remarkable selection. For the first one, Nahuel retrieves the mysterious climate through background ambience pads adding an overwhelming and trippy bassline and pulls us out of the road to take us through the highway, giving speed and power to the track.

Vitor Munhoz’s remix starts with tribal drums and a huge full-bodied resonant kicks with long tail. Little by little, a ritual atmosphere is created taking the pagan and witchy side of the track, enhancing the vocals creates a suspense that drives finally to a stampede of modulation like an industrial truck horn. Fierce breakbeat.

Iñigo Vontier goes out to gleam his dub and experimental side and deliver a remix full of texture and maddening sounds, hi hats that come and go, electrical beats running from one side to the other. Choosing the most bewitched notes, he plunges us in a freaky hypnotic trip, full of characters who appear and hide between shadows.

The chilean duo Roman & Castro breaks the mold giving to the track a special overturn, remixing the original bass with an irresistible rhythm and body to then fly us to a docile melody, giving El Tigre a rapt of celestial redemption.

Tkuz’s remix comes right away for it all, with an 808 demolishing kick and a rolled up modulation of acid sound. Emphasizing the tale, he brings the voice to the front telling the story and then say what is always silenced. El Tigre appear in the middle of metallic unsetting melodies revealing the alias of our carácter.

Faithful to his style, Marzian invites us to an instrumental flight. Arpeggio synths and modulations spills over the ether crossing one another but always sliding in perfect harmony until getting lost in the horizon distances.

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