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Artist: Nahuel
Album: Balboa
Remixes: Teniente CastilloBinda
Label: Playground Records
Art: Vic Zeta
Mastering: Javier Ferreira
Catalogue: PGR015
Release date: 06/12/2017

Nahuel delivers his second release for Playground Records cementing his own style through a mix of rock and electronic music. These two tracks are two characters, located at the two corners of Nahuel’s musical spectrum.

Balboa takes us to Nahuel’s New Wave influences, a both nostalgic and futuristic feeling. Post-punk and post-nuclear, Balboa is someones who hints to a devastated world, a desert. The bass and the bass drum keeps the tempo to make it dancefloor-friendly, and the plucked guitars takes us on a journey on this arid landscape in a musical road trip

Gordon takes us to the night’s peak time. The bass pumps slowly, an acid line finds its place in the mid high range of the mix, and the hi hats open up slowly. Once in, the bass walks shaking the floor and random modulations on wild resonation appear. Gordon is a fat guy that steps strong, a man of few words and demolishing attitude, a blend of rocker techno for intense moments.

Teniente Castillo leads the first remix of Balboa, dresses the track with black boots and a leather jacket to make it darker and wilder. The guitar amps light on with maximum distortion to create a dense atmosphere and take us for a ride through the most dangerous suburbs. Pure rock.

Space disco makes its appearance in this Ep, from the hand of Binda and his version of Balboa, finishing up a complete yet compact release. Melodies take us into an irresistible dancing mantra, marked with beating of a groovy ride that leads to a free fall, a moment of zero gravity in open space, where sci-fi sounds take control over the track and make us dream about a trip to outer space, around the Earth, with celestial pads as cushions to land perfectly.

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