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Our 10 years compilation is coming!

When we look back in time, it seems like yesterday when we started having clandestine parties in the backyard of an old house or illegal raves in public parks in Buenos Aires. Today, a decade later, Playground has established itself as a respected squad based in Barcelona, a record label with a strong back catalog of over 50 releases, and a family of artists spanning the globe.

10 years have passed since this beautiful adventure started and we want to celebrate it as we like best… Dancing. Get ready because the celebration plan will be huge! We will be holding parties in different cities around the world, and following the path started by the launch of 9 years, we present a new compilation with a line up full of great artists and dear friends who faithfully represent our history and our present… Lauer, Juan MacLean, Man Power, Rodion & Mammarella feat. Hugosan, Elfenberg, Anatolian Weapons, Roe Deers, Zillas On Acid, Cornelius Doctor & Tushen Raï, Balam, BĘÃTFÓØT & Geopard Tourist, Deux Control, Alvaro Cabana & JackWasFaster, Jason Peters, DELLA & Martin Noise, Mishell feat. Vongold, Fernanda Arrau, Nahuel & Kuunde, Marzian & Ricardo Ruben, John Parsley, Neskeh… Yes, a fucking dream team!

At the end of the day, all life is defined by its actions. We are what we do, it is often said. Okay…. This is what we do, this is who we are. We are Playground: We make people dance.