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Artist : Le Freak Selector
Title : Organo Predador
Label : Playground Records
Art : Victoria Zaffari
Mastering : Javier Ferreira
Catalogue : PGR003
Release date : 04/04/2016

Organo Predador starts with a tribal rhythm, reminiscent of something tropical but not leaving its wild side apart. Immediately enters low bass modulation that runs over everything like a steamroller. Heinous dances on a base of hubbub, the paradox is present where warm sonorities and percussive hits of vibrating objects adorn the presence of the approaching storm, the danger is coming, the Predador advancing on a hunted Organo, with its overwhelming groove it might not leave anyone else alive.

Nasty Bubbles continues with the jungle mood, even more tribal and trance track. It has different sounds which go hunting. As a ritual of monstrosities it emerges from the jungle night and moves through the bushes, it jumps from the trees to wet lands while discovers different kinds of hidden pyramids and buildings of lost civilizations. Forest spirits twist and intersect with other entities from beyond which appear and disappear. Out of this landscape these Bubbles come out that might be of organic material but when you approach them you realize that they have been made with an unknown material, designed by advanced beings from another nearby galaxy or maybe a distant one.

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