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OUT NOW ! PGR018 ::: NoGain – Night Breakfast


Artist: NoGain
Album: Night Breakfast
Remixes: FLVNMr BC , Uj Pa Gaz
Label: Playground Records
Art: Vic Zeta
Mastering: Javier Ferreira
Text: Alejandro Serrano Sierra
Catalogue: PGR018
Release date: 04/07/2018

Playground Records comes back to it with its #18 release, this time from the hand of the producer NoGain with the « Night Breakfast » EP. We don’t know much about NoGain as a person, but what we do know about is his style: raw and economic in the use of sounds, but never skeletal nor generic. Now, after various productions on labels such as teQwave, on which he managed to reinvent techno in a nice and easy way, without loosing style or elegance, he shows us how capable he is to channel his music with a firm hand, as a horseman who would have perfectly matched with his mount.

On the first track, « Nasty Disco », he demonstrates his complexity, which he however manages to widely dissimulate. Carrying on brilliant ideas with elegance, without loosing an apex of his percussive intensity on the way, he surrounds us in a mysterious atmosphere, full of chiaroscuros, an experience that promises to leap over conventions of those who only think about dancing.

« Breakfast » stresses a rogue and brave slow techno, that kind of production everyone aims at but only a few can reach, giving a result with the right amount of darkness and a perfect development that widens the limits of its geometry and enhances its new gained capacity, to move along the arrow of time.

In « Babaganush », the producer conducts the track with clinical precision until he unravels it, pulling the string until he solves the skein in a creepy ambiance with cavernous vocals and acid effects that introduce a singular and bizarre route.

« Xelena » closes the original production with an unsettling voyage that resumes uncertain feelings, epic neural trips, hypnotic and resounding percussion, able to wake a dead man up.

The remix of « Breakfast » from the french DJ and producer FLVN introduces a more mysterious and compelling cut, its guitar chords and light percussion carry us, analogically, towards a delicious outer space trip.

Mr BC is the one in charge of remixing « Babaganush », and he sends off a more playful and energetic piece than the original, whose footprint is reflected in every note and in its capacity to disconnect us from the unnecessary, as we connect with what really matters: music, emotions and what is prophetically vital.

As a wrap, Uj Pa Gaz remixes « Xelena » and emphasizes the development, more luminous and vitalic than the original, giving hope and future to an ensemble marked by a more percussive present, where all-in-one make this ‘Night Breakfast » a feast of dark humor; a « must have »to any worthy music lover, opening an interesting path of future development for alternative dance music.

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