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OUT NOW ! PGR033 ::: Radial Gaze – Oracular Punch


Artist: Radial Gaze
Album: Oracular Punch
Remixes: Kino Todo, Aristidez
Label: Playground Records
Art: Melanie Minujen
Mastering: Submarea Studio
Catalogue: PGR033
Release date: 26/01/2021


Playground Records starts 2021 without missing a beat. The ever-expanding Radial Gaze duo from Russia makes their debut on the label, loaded with frenetic rhythms, acid tribality and strident synthesis.

The first installment is the track ‘Oracular Punch’. A rhythm of stabbing percussion that chases the response of some deity. As if following a rite with rising voices and dramatic modulations they ask the Pythoness to give an answer to the questions that are sought. Exorcist dance of deep surrender.

‘Truly Wasted’ is the second track and it doesn’t lose momentum. Relentless with a great bouncing kick, sinister bass and acid melodies, sensual modulations go in an increase until exploding in a dense sonic layering. The melodies in Asian scales are getting sharp and tense until they go down again in a scattering of keyboard cushions. Without a doubt a different track which can be heard everywhere with a crazy combination of elements.

‘Outward Tange’ closes the delivery of originals with a flying but highly danceable track. A charming big bassline crosses a volatile arpeggio. A haunting joyful melody accompanies a stampede of tribal shouts that seems to unleash a horseback run down the hill. Like the musicalization of traveling through a landscape where the herd returns to the village after a happy victory. An ending of sweet melodies gives a hopeful tone and closes a conceptual aesthetic sound of the Ep.

The first remix comes from the hand of the Tel Aviv artist, Kino Todo who converts ‘Oracular Punch’ into a march of deep hypnotic roam. Making a constant repetition syncopated in eighth notes, sound layers are added generating altered states, leading us to an ecstatic dance. One of those tracks that looks for feets, chases you, entangles you and once it takes you it does not leave you until you are an exhausted prey surrendered to its captivating enchants.

Aristidez is in charge of remixing ‘Truly Wasted’. With an infectious and slippery groove, a g├╝iro in triplets takes us on a journey between minimalist and festive cadence, a small town guaracha celebration. The percussive trance takes you and does not leave you, the melodies lift you up and the devils come out to dance around the fire until dawn.



* From February 9th available in all digital stores