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Playground turns 6 and we celebrate in 3 different cities

Playground turns 6 and we celebrate with everything…

From the first parties behind closed doors in a backyard of an old house called “El Oculto” going through illegal raves in outdoor parks to get to clubs in Buenos Aires and now Europe

Is time to make a proper celebration to commemorate all of this, so we decided to make 3 parties in 3 different cities, Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Berlin.

For the occasion we will have very special guests like Thomass Jackson, Damon Jee, Pardon Moi (live), Alvaro Cabana and Skelesys (live) who will join to our resident to put the clubs upside down. .

Let’s go !

13/10 – BARCELONA :

19/10 – BUENOS AIRES :

20/10 – BERLIN :