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PGR002 ::: Nahuel – Suculento

PGR002 ::: Nahuel - Suculento

Artist : Nahuel
Title : Suculento
Label : Playground Records
Art : Victoria Zaffari
Mastering : Javier Ferreira
Catalogue : PGR002
Release date : 18/02/2016

First Nahuel´s release comes with two daring but conservative tracks. From their names they fade sense of humor as well as musical blinks.

Grumo begins with a clean beat and robotic voices, acid and galactic sounds that could easily come from 80´s electro, or from a spaceship looking for lost aliens on planet Earth. We don´t know if Grumo respond to a floating point in space or it´s the name of an alien being, but with that walking bass you can imagine aliens in their ship analyzing landing surfaces, and for a moment it takes us to far away galaxies, passing through nebulas and black holes.

Indie Solarium starts with a strong TR8´s beat and a melancholic but optimistic pad, the flying tone contrasts with the bass, that drops in with a tonic note like if it was finger picked, more than played by a machine. The suspense immediately calls to the dance floor with a rocker sound, maybe that´s where it´s name Indie comes from, but quickly falls into techno and its interplanetary acid sounds come back. The sounds crash and twist, they turn from acid to slice and bounce, disintegrating the rhythmic melody into metallic granules that spread in smaller parts each time until driving to a break. Immediately the bass and melody drop back, bouncing the dance floor, and inevitably shaking hips. A new bassline comes in planning like a black eagle, and making it end up turning into something really serious.

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