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PGR005 ::: Leo Portela – Temple

PGR005 ::: Leo Portela - Temple

Artist : Leo Portela
Title : Temple
Remixes : Luvclap
Label : Playground Records
Art : Vic Zeta
Mastering : Javier Ferreira
Catalogue : PGR005
Release date : 21/07/2016

Temple starts with a beat that comes crossing the universe, the type of house that flirts with techno elements. A tough bassline that comes and goes, pushing but for now stays insinuating and suspicious. Pitched voices tell us the beat comes traveling from far away. When everything seems to be getting serious an acid sound makes a turn in the track itself and transforms it into a happy party groove, and then another twist bring It back to serious state with but Just to show that everything can return Incessantly in bittersweet harmony. In the end, a glitchy ring modulation comes to set the track in a new dimension making it able to surprise in every four bars.

The EP goes on with a sparkly, groovy and joyful house, with full on swing hi hats sets a platform for sustained pads that fly along with the bass moving from side to side. With only a few elements that change, module and drop the track is nothing but a piece to dance. One of those wicked tunes making you smile while moving.

The Luvclap remix plays intelligently with the elements that Leo Portela has offered, cutting, repeating, the stems transform into samples that goes in a one – two, one – two continuously subdividing the times and accentuating syncopes, cutting and creating space for scraped modulations that automatically blows your mind. Finally chopped and chewed voices create that classic house vibe with a very bright current sound.

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