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PGR009 ::: Javier Ferreira – On Focus (Inc. Andy Martin and Loud Neighbor remixes)

PGR009 ::: Javier Ferreira - On Focus

Artist: Javier Ferreira
Album: On Focus
Remixes: Andy Martin, Loud Neighbor
Label: Playground Records
Art: Victoria Zaffari
Mastering: Javier Ferreira
Catalogue: PGR008
Release date: 23/05/2017

Javier Ferreira, one of Argentina’s most important producers, heading the forceful label, Ninefont, delivers a very polished, yet strictly dance floor EP to Playground Records.

On focus is a powerful track, with histrionic accents, produced through melodies of repetitive voices and an abrasive bass from the Roland Sh101. The low frequencies swirl ahead, like an unstoppable mass impulsed by an acid groove while edgy drum fills and springy panning sounds bring tension together.

Oneother keeps up the mood, only with a more comical sound. Metallic plops pop like tripping splinters. Strident leads set you on edge and turn into omnipresent reverberation, occupying all the available space. Closed and opened Hi hats carry the swing of a burlesque cadenced track until the very end.

A tech house remix from Andy Martin, with a powerful bass and reiterative voices, shakes up the dance floor with a pushy, stomping insistence while squared lab machine sounds make impossible mathematics.

The second remix comes from Loud Neighbor, delivering a beautiful electronic piece. The Jomox MBass 11 kick bursts in huge accompanied by Roland TR-8 rhythms. Volca Keys and Tetra modulations spill all over the spectrum, skating, muting tones and timbres. The lead chords become present in even more abrasive ways taking us on a trip of sensual portamento.

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