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PGR011 ::: Tufi Meme – Doxa/Episteme (Inc. Ampexxx remix)

PGR011 ::: Tufi Meme - Doxa/Episteme

Artist: Tufi Meme
Album: Doxa/Episteme
Remixes: Ampexx, Maximiliano Dittmar
Label: Playground Records
Art: Victoria Zaffari
Mastering: Javier Ferreira
Catalogue: PGR011
Release date: 03/07/2017

Playground Records keeps betting at the emerging talent of Buenos Aires, introducing the producer Tufi Meme.

The EP starts with Cebit, with a loud and strong organic kick, a bursted snare and very realistic hi-hats. The « rocker » sound base opens up to an acid modulation that comes and goes, gets tangled, falls down, and rises again, running restlessly in a track that won’t give up.

Ciencia Cierta begins mysteriously, with the freaky sound of lab machines and repetitively panning random notes. A dirty and ruptured bass empowers the whole thing while a patchy kick, the claps and open hi-hats lead a strong pulse. A walkabout in leather jacket and boots, kicking urban landscapes. Sordid and sharp.

Vak starts with the kick and a dry, coughing bass, but a crisp modulation rapidly slides in and everything slides with it. Opening filters and resonances while loading with sustain its cocky attitude, it shows its claws and threatens onto a fierce head-banging dance.

The first remix comes from Ampexx, the alias of the artist best known as Catnapp, who dresses the track in leather, chooses a clap that sounds just like a whip and subdues the listener towards her most perverse side. A saturated-bass industrial base gives the atmosphere of metal and cement spaces, taking the original track to a warehouse techno style.

The second remix is the one of Ciencia Cierta, and Maximiliano Dittmar polishes its sound, tuning it up for a tech house dancefloor. It grooves with an aroused beat but, nonetheless, with mysterious sounds he makes it glide over unexpected places. A track for the last of the set, leaving the dance floor in a good mood.

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