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PGR017 ::: Balam – Senderos De Selva (Inc. Rodion, JackWasFaster and Leonor remixes)

PGR017 ::: Balam - Senderos De Selva


Artist: Balam
Album: Senderos De Selva
Remixes: RodionJackwasfasterLeonor
Label: Playground Records
Art: Vic Zeta
Mastering: Submarea Estudio
Text: Andrés Knob
Catalogue: PGR017
Release date: 24/04/2018

Balam drops his first release for Playground Records: three ideal tracks for the mix, slow and thick, amalgamated, with artificially organic sounds and reminiscences of technological rituals. They are accompanied by three remixes from the hand of RodionJackwasfaster and Leonor, all of which deliver productions with a balanced quota of respect and irreverence towards the originals.

Machete is the first track, opening the EP with constant rhythms and insistent phrases. The modulations are lengthy and robotic, and they fill the ambiance with few elements well placed. Adelante slows down the tempo and lowers the gravity centre, shifting the dancing cadence very, very heavily and close to the ground—a zigzagging track that breaths percussive and primitive. The last original track is Senderos de Selva, with its bubbling and its gushes that sound like a tribe of machines sitting in circle around a fire, exchanging stories from a futuristic past.

Rodion presents a more elastic version of Machete that oscillates between smooth and rugged textures. The frontline is occupied by a very present and tireless baseline, which leaves enough space for the voices from the original track to make an appearance together with new elements that leave an acid taste in the mouth. Jackwasfaster maintains the slow tempo and the jungle mood of Adelante, in a gloomy and forceful remix that travels and travels without a fixed destination. Leonor steps on the gas and revs things up with his own version of Adelante, for which he takes animalistic sounds, cosmic synth phrases and an inescapable baseline that connects the jack.

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