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PGR021 ::: Coobe – Kadum (Inc. Thomass Jackson, Roe Deers and Richard Rossa remixes)

PGR021 ::: Coobe - Kadum

Artist: Coobe
Album: Kadum
Remixes: Thomass JacksonRoe DeersRichard Rossa
Label: Playground Records
Art: Vic Zeta
Mastering: Javier Ferreira
Catalogue: PGR021
Release date: 20/12/2018

The 21st Reference of Playground Records comes from Tel Aviv with a young musical talent known as Coobe with killer remixes by Thomass JacksonRoe Deers and Richard Rossa

He opens the Zarathustra Ep Full of groove and funky rhythm. Driving camels through a promising desert offering an oasis at the end of the road, winds and whirlpools go through modulations while percussive drums push us under the sun’s reflections. An powerful bass gives us full courage for a journey that looks like a fantasy of enchanted snakes and odalisque dances.

The second track, Sisrera, is of a particular composition that begins with desolate melodies, that are unknown, almost alien and disturbing, when a modulation in the waveform of wobble that twists on itself and advances like an army advancing for the attack in a field of enemies, destroying and advancing devastatingly. The Hi hats in semicorcheas redouble the downtempo and are reminiscent of a gangsta hip hop as opposed to western desert guitars and cuts of Latin melodies. The contrast offers paradoxical harmony. You will dance with arms down moving the whole body up & down. Percussions, claps and detuned pads will make you move all night long.

Moog Lev is the third original track, here the bpm come up with a bassline full of funk, which turns acid and takes on a frenetic rhythm. Chords pitched up and down make it fly with disco spirit. While a constant percussive string sound keeps it tribal, hi hats and snares of analog rhythmbox give it the old school and dirty touch.

The infallible Thomass Jackson remix Zarathustra turning the trip into a percussive party with arpeggio in acid staccato that opens and scatters generating dance ecstasy with epic flying pads while snares and claps slap your chick from one side to the other.

The lone ranger of Lithuania Roe Deers remixes Sisrera, giving it unique style. Percussions and reverberations of textures that bounce one side to the other are mixed with a bass beating a tired rhythm, the melodies become strange and desolate while guitars bewitch the air. A journey through a perplexed and amazing landscape.

The hottest nordic Richard Rossa remixes Moog Lev in an amazing jam of fresh composition on the flow that crumbles the elements of the original and mutates them in a roam of varied passages and pulsating rhythm with risky cuts, extreme but well-calibrated modulations supported by pads that are open in the whole spectrum while the rhythm goes and comes between delays and reverbs with character. Music that can not be left unnoticed

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