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PGR026 ::: Theus Mago – Softcore In My Hardcore (Inc. Fairmont, Kuunde & Javier Ferreira remixes)

PGR026 ::: Theus Mago - Softcore In My Hardcore

Artist: Theus Mago
Album: Softcore In My Hardcore
Remixes: FairmontKuunde & Javier Ferreira
Label: Playground Records
Art: Melanie Minujen
Mastering: Rich Lane from Cotton Bud Mastering
Catalogue: PGR026
Release date: 19/05/2020

The 26th reference of Playground Records come from the hand of the almighty and dance floor killer Mexican Theus Mago who definitely joins to our family delivering an Ep with 3 originals plus 2 great remixes from Fairmont and Kuunde & Javier Ferreira. A release inspired in the electro of the beginning of the century. A punch in your face. A club burner…

All starts with ‘Softcore In My Hardcore’, bass drum and snare, some acid noises and a fat bassline which marks the pulse, some shouts appears in the horizon. Suddenly a fresh air from a groovy synth jump into the track, a reminiscence of retro-futurists feelings is floating. The tension increase and the epic moment appear to finally fall into an hypnotic rhythm who calls you to the dancefloor.

The second track on this release is ‘No More Hands’, an alien song with a intense beat and a robotic voice flooded of acid sounds. Thanks to the bleeding of the Eurorack this track becomes a truly tribute for the modular fans.

Is time for the ‘Retromania’, an ode to the hard beat and the frenetic dance. The modulars says present again and the robotic voices too. This time is a girl who invites us to submerge into a sea of groove and let our mind travel to golden years.

The Canadian Fairmont is in charge to put spicy into ’Softcore In My Hardcore’ to create a very special remix. A killer track, acid and definitely club oriented, full of crispy sounds and hot smashes. The voice takes the front accompanied for an arpeggio who never gonna leave her alone. The euphoria and the madness now feels really confortable.

To complete this Ep, Kuunde & Javier Ferreira remix ‘No More Hands’ and add to it an infectious groove to the ADN of the track. New voices screaming emotional lyrics from the distance appears in scene. A big and low bassline envelope us and the modulations from the synths wins the match one more time.



* From June 2nd available in all digital stores