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PGR034 ::: RICARDO RUBEN – COWBELL IS THE NEW ORANGE (Inc. Colossio, Alvaro Cabana & Silicodisco remixes)


Artist: Ricardo Ruben
Album: Cowbell Is The New Orange
Remixes: Colossio, Alvaro Cabana & Silicodisco
Label: Playground Records
Art: Melanie Minujen
Mastering: Submarea Studio
Catalogue: PGR034
Release date: 03/03/2021

Julian Fleker is an artist from Argentina, a friend from our origins in the underground of Buenos Aires. Ricardo Ruben‘s project starting from the name to the artistic side face and composition takes a humorous place, although his musical background is serious. Ricardo Ruben is a character from a song by the 80’s rock group Los Twists that carried a share of acid humor.

It is then that the name of this Ep is not surprising, nor the way to face a different compositional work, wanting to highlight an idiosyncrasy of personal and local search.

“Sinatra is not dead, Yabran told me” plays with black humor and a story of an Argentine media gate. Yabran was a businessman accused of mafias and corruption that ended in a suicide case where everyone doubted his true death as someones think with Sinatra too. Ricardo Ruben is a drummer and the track is a tremendous banger full of percussions, and acid arpeggios of 303 in staccato where a real drum solo joins playing on top by rolling fills. A song that gallops sideways and that is a traktor pushing pistons like crazy. Weird, jazzy, creepy and bizarre black humor, really irresistible.

“De la cabina a la parrilla” (From the booth to the grill) is another title that plays with the local humor, Ricardo Ruben talks about those Argentine meetings where everything walks around meat and barbecue, and the DJ booth can be set up next to the embers. Diving into that personal identity, his search for sound combines modulations that twist and shoot up and down, hi hats and rides that filter and deform, cowbells in front, gloomy melodies of out-of-tune oscillators that give something of a grotesque circus and then come out in synth leads that carry us to an ecstatic trance.

“Sinatra is not dead, Yabran told me” first remix is in charge of Colossio. By slowing it down and adding dirty snares with more cadence, he adds a touch of gloomy sense of humor. Colossio gives it an atmosphere of party music in an abandoned amusement park. That tone of making death funny and filling of skeletons with colors that Mexicans have. Twisted synths simulate monstrous laughter, the modulated bells fill with mystery and intrigue but in the end it all resolves into a charming dance.

Alvaro Cabana and Silicondisco’s second remix transform it into a dark bomb for dancefloors. Battery fills that are like whips, shake and sadomasochism. An immense almost techno kick where the acid modulations spill out, giving the track an erotic aesthetic, with a leather shine and a nighttime mood that transports us to a rotten club in Madrid where everything is attitude and exhibitionism.



* From March 17th available in all digital stores