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PGR036 ::: Kate Stein – Mystic Saddle Ranch (Inc. Autarkic, Balam remixes)

PGR036 ::: Kate Stein - Mystic Saddle Ranch

Artist: Kate Stein
Album: Mystic Saddle Ranch
Remixes: Autarkic, Balam
Label: Playground Records
Cover art: Melanie Minujen
Mastering: Epiksound
Catalogue: PGR036
Release date: 13/05/2021

Australian raised, New York based producer Kate Stein makes her debut on Playground Records with ‘Mystic Saddle Ranch’ a powerful Ep full of hypnotic rhythms and beautiful landscapes, composed by 2 original mixes accompanied by high caliber remixes from Autarkic and Balam.

‘Mystic Saddle Ranch’ begins like a train barreling from far away with staccato arpeggios and modulations; like horns warning that it is in a hurry and the energy will not stop. Sensual and seductive at the same time, the track builds with an elegant current of sound. This takes us back to the beginning of electronic sounds, reminiscent of I Feel Love. The glam of Studio 54 crossover with some acid slow electro makes for an irresistible dance ripped dress.

The second track is called ‘Hi-Lo Motel’ and it gets more serious. A bouncing synth marks out a crossover bass with modulations seeping back and forth in alien tone. A smooth and rarefied flight, ecstatic, stealthy and nostalgic.

Autarkic remixes ‘Mystic Saddle Ranch’ by twisting it with a lot of funk machine. A hoarse, scratchy bass grooves recklessly as a dirty, dragged snare beats his side. Cowbells rattle for flavor as acid modulations elusively intersect. Pads of mystery take us to a break that is quickly attacked again by the bass to unleash a brazen and shrewd dance.

Balam gives his own perspective about ‘Mystic Saddle Ranch’ closing the Ep and doing what he does best, mixing synthetic tribalism of acid modulations and frenetic percussion. His bass, his personal mark, pushes incessantly and cadency. He takes us on a sinuous and enchanting journey while chords scatter us through an open space towards infinity.