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PGR042 ::: Playground 9 Years Compilation

PGR042 ::: Playground 9 Years Compilation

Artist: Various
Album: Playground 9 Years Compilation
Label: Playground Records
Cover art: Lucas Del Toro
Mastering: Sam Berdah at The Wall Studio
Press & Communication: Avoiding The Issue
Catalogue: PGR042
Release date: 03/03/2022

Playground is releasing a very special compilation to celebrate nine years of life. A musical journey shared with dear friends, which expresses the living history of the label from its origins to the present. From the first illegal raves in Buenos Aires, to becoming an international artist’s platform based in Barcelona. A long process of learning, growth and consolidation have passed. Nowadays, with an extensive catalog of more than 40 references Playground has a solid story to tell, always selecting an eclectic criterion and betting on diversity. Each launch reaffirms the commitment with an aesthetic freedom beyond any label.

The ‘9 Years Compilation’ faithfully expresses our history, but above all our present, always with an eye looking to the future. 15 new original tracks carefully chosen to create a polychromatic musical adventure, with diverse nuances and intensities. From downtempo songs to listen at home, through music inspired by the new wave, the creative force of the jungle, the power of organic elements and psychedelic experimentation to the most convincing music for the club.

We are proud to introduce the team of notables who have come together especially to bring this wonderful creature to life: Sascha Funke, Curses, Iñigo Vontier, Shubostar, Theus Mago, Local Suicide & Franz Matthews, Thomas Von Party & Fabio Me Llaman Soltero, Niv Ast, MR TC, Thomass Jackson & MKDSL, Middle Sky Boom, Stevie R & Parisinos, Teniente Castillo, Kate Stein feat. Vongold, Martin Noise & A-Tweed

Yes, all together in the same comp!