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PGR046 ::: Geopard Tourist – In The Maze (Inc. Dreems remix)

PGR046 ::: Geopard Tourist - In The Maze (Inc. Dreems remix)
Remix: Dreems
Album: In The Maze
Cover art: Paulino Kuunde
Mastering: Submarea Estudio
Press & Communication: Avoiding the Issue
Catalogue: PGR046
Release date: 13/10/2022

Running a record label has sour moments and sweet moments. But there is a type of situation that is one of our favorites: opening the inbox, finding new material from emerging artists, pressing play and blowing our minds. In short, this is the story of ‘In The Maze’, the debut EP of the Hungarian duo Geopard Tourist.

What’s more, and as if his fascinating music weren’t enough, we’ve had the pleasure of adding the Australian hero Dreems with a dub version in the best Multi Culti style of the track ‘Baboon’.

We invite you to make yourself comfortable and get ready for a psychedelic, playful and immersive sound experience that will lead you to lose yourself in the different paths and landscapes of this enchanting maze.