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w0krt34m y Playground Records presentan : W0rk^sh0p

bringing humans and machines together

15hs a 17hs • “me, my synth and I”: synth meeting by Diego Vainer, Ramiro Microesfera Larrain, Dub Dummies, Nahuel Mijal. Curador Luis Callegari.

17hs • Break

17.15 a 19hs • Modular synthesizers 101 : “A history of infinite connections” + Jam by Ernesto Romeo

The following modular systems will be used: E-Mu (1973/77), Roland System 100m (1978/82), Technosaurus Selector (1998/2002) y Clavia Nord Modular G2 (2004/08), modular synths build by Núcleo and Sebastián Cordovés (argentine engineers), semi-modular synths EMS Synthi VCS3 y AKS, ARP2600, Korg MS20, MS50 and more analogs sequencers.

19hs • Break

19.30 a 21.15hs • Modular synthesizers  202 “Present and Future” + Jam by Bruno De Vincenti y Hernán Baldi

Introduction to Euroracks and qu-bit modules ( granular  synth), Tiptop Audio – Transistor sound lab y Doepfer as a referents.

21.15hs • Break

21.30hs • live broadcast of the return of Loving The Alien (
presented by STEEL5000.

22hs • Configuracion techno live set + Jam: Loud Neighbor

w0rk^sh0p is powered by Argensynth community, and it will be broadcast online via streaming by  Electro Shocke-C crew.

Saturday 6th february (15h to 24h)
Centre of experimentation, technology and community of cheLA
Iguazú 451, Buenos Aires.

Free entrance.