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Welcome to our new psychedelic adventure in Madrid… MUSCARIA

We’re beyond excited to finally announce our new psychedelic adventure alongside Play Pal Music in our beloved Madrid.
Ladies and gentlemens, with you… Muscaria.
The place for the initiation ritual will be Hangar 48. For that We’ll count with two key players from the French tribe HARD FIST. The shaman Tushen Raï and the sorceress Warum will be guiding us to the nirvana. In addition to them We’ll have our warlocks hosters Martin Noise and Teniente Castillo showing the path. Last but not least, the underground room will be taken by Luna Rosa and Its priestess Fernanda Arrau who invites Yahaira and JGR – Julián García-Reyes to help her in her sacrifices to the moon.
Madrid friends bring your robes, amulets and crosses, It will be a very long night…