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PGR004 ::: Ricardo Ruben – Do The Twist (Inc. Loud Neighbor remix)

PGR004 ::: Ricardo Ruben - Do The Twist

Artist : Ricardo Ruben
Title : Do The Twist
Remixes : Loud Neighbor
Label : Playground Records
Art : Victoria Zaffari
Mastering : Javier Ferreira
Catalogue : PGR004
Release date : 19/05/2016

Ricardo Ruben has been bad, you have been bad, and do you know Sven Vath? So…. can’t you dance? With a rhythm as slow as a dopey toucan flying towards the mountain, but with the aplomb of a gunman preparing to shoot in a duel, a bass drum that pushes hard, a percussion that carries a lilting, and bucking groovy step, a piano chord that sticks vehemently and with determination, keyboard notes falling here and there like drops of rain, and bass notes left hanging in suspense after zigzagging sounds. Everything seems very, very serious, then a pitched down voice brings us to the question, again asking, perhaps ironically: “So can you dance? … Coz Aibinbad..?”

The second track introduces us to Arnold Dolcheneguer. He’s a movie star of action, sci-fi action, a low fi android man, a bionic and mysterious man with indomitable forces. Granular sound modulations go from one side to the other, an intriguing bassline advances digging the corners, beats that sound like release valves, raspy hi hats that slide, becoming almost industrial, the undulations open and grow. Arnold becomes immense and devastating, a supernatural power unfolds. After a short drop, he starts running at unmeasurable speed through everything above, his forces are deployed and he takes flight. Techno, pure techno that passes through pipes, wriggles and goes on and on soaring to unreachable places of the city. Cyborg technology for the fusion between men and machines that no longer distinguishes between the two.

To fully understand what it is to do the twist, or never be able to understand without experiencing it. The EP closes with an even deeper and more transient theme. Loud Neighbor makes his analogous machines available for remixing Aibinbad in clubber tone, to dance with closed eyes and clenched fists, leaving everything on the dance floor, a ‘big room techno’ to be fired from great sound systems pushing air at cruising speed. A scaling bass spirals, circling up and down without stopping, making this track a psychedelic journey that will repeat again: that he has been bad, that you sure have been bad, but above all, that you sure can dance: Techno.

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