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PGR013 ::: Attom – Über (Inc. Two Mamarrachos remix)

PGR013 ::: Attom - Über

Artist: Attom
Album: Über
Remixes: The Two MamarrachosJavier FerreiraNahuelEchave
Label: Playground Records
Art: Victoria Zaffari
Mastering: Javier Ferreira
Catalogue: PGR013
Release date: 04/09/2017

Playground keeps on introducing young producers from Argentina, and in this thirteen edition, it is Attom’s turn.

A polished sound, dealing with many atmospheres. With complex rhythmics, full of syncopes, sparkling, mysterious and tripping sounds with a decided beat, this LP is built by an artist that shows a definite format.

Prelude is a track which rhythm is cut in odd beats, with a throaty sound and a growing suspense that grooves towards an excellent introduction.

Über might be the track with the most refined and polished sound, with tones escalating and rapidly scampering away as the wind between pipes, turning at the corner to then open up to wide spaces.

Acd Dnc is an ode to acid in a melodic tone, with no open resonances, a vocoder of transistor voice and controlled modulations that roar from below as gurgling and tense sounds take us away, panning from one side to another through an interstellar trip.

The Experiment gets dark and a crispy modulation takes us on a ride, from one side to another, twisting around itself. Alienated vocals repeat in an oneiric way until an unexpected optimistic melody of cosmic sounds arrives, creating a contrasting freshness.

Pill is a side kick, that comes in bouncing, with a synth that mixes saw-tooth and square wave as it overlaps melodies with an other synth that comes in to emphasize counterpoint notes, the ship starts to fly and travels through a strange but calm atmosphere.

Lin Hi has a timbre structure going on as it gets somehow more grating. Melodies full of modulations, Ifo and noise spill over, get crossed in disparate accents and finally unite in a hysterical flirting that fully ends up in a drummy groove, giving to the whole an irresistible cadencia.

The Two Mamarrachos take the basis of Acd Dcn and lead it into dark disco. With modulations of macabre vibrations they take us to a perverse and dystopian club.

Echave remixes The Experiment, picking short samples of the original mix and putting them into an acid bass groove of 303 with zigzagging sounds and beats that take us towards jack house without ever loosing its techno sound.

Pill’s remix by Nahuel plays on the original sounds to deconstruct them, creating climates of metallic dissonances while a demolishing basis of huge kicks explodes on the dance-floor.

Javier Ferreira makes a remix of Lin Hi, arranging the melodies and assembling them in an arpeggio sequence that leads a constant rhythm. As it curls it creates smooth ascents and descents on a glide with no distress but powerful in its travel.

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