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PGR014 ::: SHE TEIKS – ACIDA (Inc. Bufi, Skelesys and Fernanda Arrau remixes)


Artist: She Teiks
Album: Acida
Remixes: BufiFernanda ArrauSkelesysRicardo RubenMartin Noise and KuNdE
Label: Playground Records
Art: Vic Zeta
Mastering: Javier Ferreira
Catalogue: PGR014
Release date: 26/09/2017

Playground Records has the honor of introducing the debut EP from Cordoba-based duo She Teiks. Owners of a strong and charismatic sound, Pompi and Bel present us with three songs full of energy and good grooves.

Acida has simple and well-placed sounds: a bounced kick, open hi-hats with some other clatter, closed hats and a strong and gummy acid bass line right at the front. It’s a clean stomper with an inexhaustible movement that never stops.

Presente follows the same line of acoustic drums with heavily played hi-hats and a bass that expands upon impact, while laser-shot-like modulations are triggered relentlessly, keeping our feet on the move.

Tecsi has a more rocker feeling to it, but it doesn’t leave the acid spirit aside. While the snare keeps us on clock, the zigzag bass line and the hi-hats mark eighths at one side and the other. Modulations loaded with static sounds cross paths, while a lower one builds an untying rhythm.

Remixes start with Bufi making Acida even more acid. Adding higher-pitched modulations, open resonances, claps marking syncopations and flying pads, this track is an invitation to both an unrestrained dance and a closed-eyes gliding.

Faithful to her style, Fernanda Arrau makes the track’s sound even cleaner, leaving the bass at the front while filling it with rhythm and sound counterpoints, in an groove-infected solo from beginning to end.

Skelesys breaks the 4×4 to deliver a deconstructed remix with breaks and setbacks, adding voices, claps and metallic sounds without ever losing the original “acidness”. The ideal track to create an unexpected pause in a set.

Ricardo Ruben polishes the original track, refining the crispy edges and introducing a constant groove that builds up in a stylish way. Ideal to warm up the dancefloor in a good mood.

The remix of Presente comes from the hand of Martin Noise. Wrapped in sonorities of several well-worked layers, full of reverbs, pans and mantric pads. An encapsulated bass puts us on a submarine trip, taking us on a journey through the depths.

KuNdE remixes Tecsi in a version full of sounds that appear dissociated but complement theirself creating a complex rhythm. Rescuing sounds of the original melody on which it prints a sound of SH 101 and a raver pad with reminiscences of big beat of the 90’s and then to release an electro discharge until the end added to several sonorous passages in tech house tone, a particular crossroad of various styles in an explosive combination.

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