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PGR020 ::: Ali X x Ximena – Down (Inc. Curses, Theus Mago and Id!r remixes)

PGR020 ::: Ali X x Ximena - Down

Artist: ALI X x Ximena
Album: Down
Remixes: CursesTheus MagoId!r
Label: Playground Records
Art: Victoria Zaffari
Mastering: Javier Ferreira
Text: Paco Cavaller
Catalogue: PGR020
Release date: 22/11/2018

ALI X and Ximena are joining their forces again, this time on Playground Records, with stellar remixes from Id!rTheus Mago and Curses.

The EP begins with ‘Down’, a low bpm track with frenetic rhythm and twisted acid modulations. ‘Down’ plays with this counterpoint between slowing down and intensifying its elements. It lowers the pulses with warm, intimate and surrounding tones as it gets scarce, speeds up and suffers from tachycardia. The darkness becomes sensuality, a feeling that grows thanks to the contraposition of the stoner vocals.

In ‘Drug Marathon’, the revolutions go down deeper with a crunchy swap bassline. The horizontality of the track melts with multiple sound experiments that allow the mind to fly with a mix of saturation and freedom. Meanwhile, the dance surrenders to the rhythm of a relaxed base, tense sounds and alien modulations to make track a fancy trip through a dense landscape.

Id!r brings melody and deepness to ‘Down’ with his remix. A staccato arpeggio fuses unites and creates counterpoints with a raspy and constant modulation that further agitates the soul of the listener in two clean drops, while Ximena’s vocals leak in front of distant harmonies that embrace us from beginning to end.

In the Theus Mago‘s work with ‘Drug Marathon’, the sound effects are more intense. The high-pitch turns low and the anxiety for dancing gets exposed and uncaged thanks to a much more aggressive and powerful bassline.

Curses‘ remix throws a shadow over the landscape. ‘Drug Marthon’ transforms into a crude, rough, cold, even frightening message. The powerful kick, all along the track, gathers strength with a snare to agitate and punch us while a strange drop of wobble modulation reminds us the most proper sound of dubstep.

The original sounds of ‘Drug Marathon’ reappear in the Sludge Remix of Curses himself. The boogie and dirty groove show up without notice and help the listener go lonely through the path, with calm attitude and secure steps, enjoying the quietness after the powerful storm.

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