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PGR031 ::: Ed Dix – Halusinasi (Inc. Velmondo, Stevie R & Parisinos remixes)

PGR031 ::: Ed Dix - Halusinasi

Artist: Ed Dix
Album: Halusinasi
Remixes: Stevie R & Parisinos, Velmondo
Label: Playground Records
Art: Melanie Minujen
Mastering: Rich Lane from Cotton Bud
Catalogue: PGR031
Release date: 19/11/2020

Playground Records’ new release comes from the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, specially created for its rising talent Ed Dix. In this edition he delivers us a mysterious EP of 3 original mixes loaded with deep basslines and acid modulations plus 2 remixes of surgical precision by Stevie R & Parisinos and Velmondo a.k.a. Arnau Obiols.

It all starts with ‘Halusinasi’. Powerful drums, a bass note floating in the air, crunchy sounds jumping around, acid modulations, a psycho pad, an explosive cocktail waiting to explode.

The second track is ‘Pukau’, a deep and groovy song that seems like a meeting between Morphine and Fela Kuti in the middle of an Asian jungle. Acidic frequencies and harsh atmospheres help to trap you and drive you straight into a trance. Now … dance!

‘Ujikaji Psikologi’ which in English means psychological experiments it is exactly that. A game that goes through your mind going through different states. An epic ode full of hard beats, crazy sounds and an killer bassline.

The first remix comes from London-based Greek artists Stevie R & Parisinos. The Inside Out Records bosses shows off everything they’re got in this very interesting interpretation of ‘Halusinasi’ taking the track to an acid mood. The darkness takes hold of us and we are ready to let ourselves go.

Velmondo keeps the acid mood in his own version of ‘Halusinasi’, but he raises the bpm and takes the track to a playful field. The appearance of funny percussions give the song a fresh touch to end this journey with a smile from ear to ear.




* From December 3rd available in all digital stores