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Backyard #002: Compilation by Justin Strauss

Backyard #002: Compilation by Justin Strauss
Artist: Various Artists
Album: Backyard #002
Compilation by: Justin Strauss
Label: Playground Records
Art: Lucas Del Toro
Mastering: Rich Lane from Cotton Bud
Catalogue: PBY002
Release date: 14/12/2020

Playground Records celebrates 5 years as a label, 8 since we started throwing our parties. We have grown together with a lot of friends and artists. A journey full of learning, unforgettable days and nights of music, hugs, kisses, love and eternal dances. We have always been characterized by trying to be an oasis where human relationships can be refreshed with music that is not heard anywhere else. Since we decided to release our own musical line, a constant concept has always been preserved, where we gave rise to a whole international stream of underground artists to provide us with their most committed compositions.

To give perspective, recall and value to these 5 years of musical diffusion, we decided to do a review by special guests-artists we love and respect as references within our scene. For this second compilation, we have the immense honor of having a legend such as Justin Strauss to accept our call and make a selection from our back catalogue through his own personal taste. Justin is an experienced artist who is part of the heart of New York City, already part of the Milk n Cookies band in the early 70’s that revolved around the CBGB’s East Village movement, resident DJ at emblematic clubs like The Ritz, Limelight, Area and Tunnel among other great ones, and an excellent producer who has remixed fantastic bands such as Depeche Mode, Hot Chip, Sergio Mendez, Tina Turner, Jimmy Cliff, B-52s, Luther Vandross, 808 State, Malcolm McClaren, Skinny Puppy, Goldfrapp or LCD Soundsystem, to name a few. And on over 200 records! But what we like the most about him is his special sensitivity, his love for underground movements, his humility and his interest in continuing to develop alternative scenes, in telling stories, in connecting interdisciplinary artists, his out-of-the-box elegance and his special empathy and strong stance for all kinds of freedom. Without a doubt, he is one of those artists who are not mainstream, but who are essential. It is a luxury and our pride that he has chosen us to be a small part of his beautiful artistic contributions.

We invite you to visit this very special selection that Justin Strauss carried out with unique mastery, to find especially good tracks and some hidden gems. Emotionally abrasive music with guts and audacity that opens your heart to graft and spreads the irresistibly dance virus through your blood.



* From December 28th available in all digital stores