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PGR032 ::: John Parsley – Coin Crash (Inc. Local Suicide & Time To Sleep and Bird Of Paradise remixes)

PGR032 ::: John Parsley - Coin Crash

Artist: John Parsley
Album: Coin Crash
Remixes: Bird Of Paradise, Local Suicide & Time To Slee
Label: Playground Records
Art: Melanie Minujen
Mastering: Submarea Studio
Catalogue: PGR032
Release date: 21/12/2020

John Parsley makes his first appearance on Playground Records to mark an Ep that kicks the board and leaves a musical riot of unusual dimensions. 3 originals and 2 remixes from Bird Of Paradise and Local Suicide & Time To Sleep giving a roam without letup.

It opens with ‘Coin Crash’, a dancefloor killer with all the letters. An infectious and tremendously addictive bass takes us out plowing in 5th gear, acid modulations pass through the sides leaving a technicolor trail. A break that continues long because an electro techno arpeggio enters on the fly and takes us by the teeth towards the deep trip section of the track. Ruthless.

‘High Life’ puts on the brakes and starts off with a suspenseful and rarefied atmosphere. Bells, curious modulations, immersive aquatic environment. The bass beats constant and right immersing us in a dense and thick musical structure. Distortion contrasts with cloudy pads of ethereal sounds that suspend us. A journey with very personal characteristics shows us that John Parsley is a different musician.

‘New Guardian’ is an intense and hung downtempo break. Following the conceptual line, the atmosphere of intrigue surrounded by acidic but melodic and percussive sounds is mixed with metallic modulations. The resonances open and the harmonics distort, opening the pores of the skin. A dreamlike environment takes hold and shoots hallucinatory images of an expanded and exploded reality. The ears are excited, electronic music of connection towards other vibrational dimensions.

Bird of Paradise is the first guest to make a remix and gives us a different version of ‘Coin Crash’, although equally club bomb, he offers us a completely different soundscape. Supported by the bass of the original they take us on a journey of crossed chord keyboards but totally harmonic in their dissonances. A ping pong of a constant acid modulation that opens and closes towards the sides makes us move our heads without respite. Tasty sweet and sour.

For an unbeatable closure the Ep has as remixers of “High Life” the Local Suicide duo accompanied by Time To Sleep. Adding dark and gloomy vowels, a huge flying electro comes out, cruising through the galaxy. Polished and elegant black, sober but glamorous, it moves slowly and takes us to a state of awe. A song that deserves to be played in clubs because it is made to thunder great soundsystems, hypnotizing the masses.



* From January 4th available in all digital stores