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PGW001 ::: Roe Deers – Lazer In The Jungle (Inc. Sascha Funke, Zombies In Miami and Niv Ast remixes)

PGW001 ::: Roe Deers - Lazer In The Jungle

Artist: Roe Deers
Album: Lazer In The Jungle
Remixes: Sascha Funke, Zombies In Miami, Niv Ast, Martin Noise
Label: Playground Records
Art: Meër
Mastering: Rich Lane from Cotton Bud
Catalogue: PGW001
Release date: 15/10/19

* Distributed by Bordello A Parigi

Playground Records launches its first vinyl reference and for this brings a selection of top-level artists. In charge of the 3 originals we will have the Lithuanian Roe Deers who joins the family. Every track will feature a remix, by Sascha Funke, Zombies In Miami and Niv Ast respectively.

‘Lazer in the Jungle’ is the first track of Ep. It starts with slow rhythm, with air, percussive. It opens the way to an infectious groove coming from a sequence that runs around shrewd among the weeds of several warm sounds. A fat and metallic bass contrasts almost to the industrial, bringing the dance to a frantic state.

The second track ‘Tensions’ begins with a rarefied suspenseful atmosphere, where a chorus of bells that come from a far are mixed with textures and rhythms, leading to a percussive psychedelic journey. When the drums say present, the tribal dance begins, haunted melodies give rise to an unbridled percussion with rhythms of boxes in triplets and a flute that takes us along a path of winding rhythmic adventure.

‘Aerobica’ is a unique piece, a journey of different sonority, a song that comes as a message from another galaxy. A communication between satellites, a message encrypted in clipeant synthesis, in crazy sequences that rise and fall, are detuned and returned to the groove. Modulations that seem aliens speaking a language that we do not understand but that seems friendly, a step to a parallel dimension where the landscape is of an unusual astonishment.

Sascha Funke takes control of the first remix, in this case it is ‘Lazer In The Jungle’ which begins with a heart beat, sounds and percussion accompany, charming minimalism until you start the journey through a conversation of synthesizers marked by arrangements that bounce from one side to another, a celestial pad appears, the textures are acidified giving way to the bass that ends up to get us into the trip. Suddenly, everything disappears, empty, air, the percussions return, the groove begins, the hook of the original theme appears for the first time so that your whole body ends up dancing until the end.

The remix of ‘Tensions’ is in charge of Zombies in Miami. It all starts with rainforest groove percussions, the bass appears walking fiercely through the jungle, voices are heard, the weeds get thick, a drum fill appears to get us into a loud fall that leads to an acid and macabre bassline. The ritual has begun. Sacrifices and enchantments, Aztec sorcery in its purest state.

The Ep closes with the remix of Niv Ast to ‘Aerobica’. A dense fog is present at the beginning, a mysterious atmosphere calls us, a bass in the distance invites us to continue entering, hypnotized we fall into a very mental groove, marked by a somewhat gloomy voices that do not stop talking. When the battery enters the light returns to the road, optimistic arrangements give us a halo of hope, the dance catches us and does not let us out. A guitar cuts the air in half and a low voice tells us that it is the end of this trip, coming away … coming away.

‘Countdown’ it’s the first bonus track as “digital exclusive”, an original mix which starts with sounds answering each other like an engine before blast off. A cool baseline appears, the hi-hat set the rhythm, synthetic sounds play along the track, the tensions grows, the bass hit hard. A a halo of mystery envelops the song’s cadence, the trance is absolute. Weird synths emerge to complete what could perfectly be the soundtrack of a Hitchcock movie.

The remix of ‘Countdown’ is the second digital bonus track and come from the hand of the label boss Martin Noise who transform the track in a dark battlefield. Wrinkled synthesizers fight each other, crispy textures and dense pads elevate the temperature till a super strong bassline appear to put everyone to move. Codified machine sounds melt in the groove, a sci-fi synth tenses the situation and fall in a very danceable side of song to make way for the heavenly sounds that finally fire us.