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PGR022 ::: LEONOR – THAT MOMENT (Inc. Damon Jee, Kuunde, Mytron & Ofofo remixes)


Artist: Leonor
Album: That Moment
Remixes: Damon JeeMytron & OfofoKuunde
Guest: Nasiri
Label: Playground Records
Art: Vic Zeta
Mastering: Rich Lane from Cotton Bud
Catalogue: PGR022
Release date: 14/05/2019

We’re glad to present a new release from an old friend of the house, the Mexican Leonor, who delivers an Ep full of powerful kicks, dark atmospheres and organic rhythms. It consist of three original tracks -one in company of the Iranian artist Nasiri– plus three different remixes in charge of Damon JeeMytron & Ofofo and Kuunde, that perfectly complement each other to complete this launch.

The Ep starts with ‘That Moment’, a punch in your face, a strong steamroller, a strange vocal full of questions trying to explain the inexplicable sensation of that moment, when the drum is melt in a heaven of pads which flows alongside organic percussions, to finally create a mystic experience.

A killer bass opens the second track of this release. ‘Zor’ leads us to a dark landscape, a tough one, a scream starts the journey, the bassline and the drum fight each other till fall out in another scream, an eternal one which fly through the track like a leaf in the wind. The drums hits again, this time alongside an acid sequences thats mediate with the always hard bass to stop another fight.

A low note sparks the beginning of this ode, a smooth guitar, a shamanic mantra, the shakers, the atmosphere grows and hug us, the flutes appears carrying air in its tunes, carrying peace to our trip, the percussions convert the landscape in green jungle. The path is completed, the ode is made, an ode full of love, an ode dedicated from Leonor heart for his first daughter Luna.
This track was composed by Leonor alongside Nasiri in homage to her birth.

The first remix comes from the hand of Damon Jee, who takes ‘That Moment’ to bring it directly to the main hour of the dancefloor, a sequence like a train push us to a waterfall of bassline. A voice making questions again but finally concluding that it like it.

Mytron & Ofofo jump into the scene to remix Luna and convert it in an acid journey through the Arabic desert, organics percussions flood the track and helps us to take a breath. When the flute appears the things come even more weird, like if this landscape would has been created in the middle of the outer space.

Our samurai Kuunde makes the remix of ‘Zor’ changing the hardness by the groove, inviting us to enter into the good mood with funny clicks and crazy percussions which creates an inevitable dance. Then the voice appears to make a personal reflection that needs to be heard.

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